Sunday, 15 March 2009

shopping list...faces

Shopping list Saturday was put together by to help promote etsy sellers.

I thought I'd feature some lovely faces that I found on etsy...

These delightful ceramic faces are made by firedandfused.
I love their sleepy expressions and the colours used.
They would be amazing for anyone who likes to make art dolls.


This next shop is called Unmasked.
the clay masks are incredible...every one different and individually made.
I love them all!


This next face is by Chelsea Rose , a
Pen and Ink/Photoshop collage work.
Her shop LucidopticLab

is full of these expressive drawings and paintings...and she also sells lovely colourful clothing!

This next beautiful piece of work is by


who I have been inspired by for a while now.
He has such an abundance of creativity, it's so amazing to see!


This last one is another clay mask by Mudgoddess
The masks are made using life mask molds, so have a very realistic quality.
I love the colours and again the peaceful expression in this piece.
There are also lots of other beautiful clay items in the shop.


  1. The last mask is amazing.
    I better do my list now.
    M x

  2. This lady makes amazing faces too! Thought you might like them....

  3. Diane....yes!! I am a big fan of Marilyn's (november girl)work..her dolls are amazing.