Friday, 18 July 2008


I've always had a fascination for faces and how each one is so different.
I am drawn to people's eyes and mouths...
Drawing them, whether from life or from my imagination makes me realize how wonderful us humans are!
I love the shadows, the lines and the shapes in faces, and expressions...
how our faces change in every moment.

I also love hats, although I don't wear many myself...
I've made a few in my time, but recently I had an idea of making some similar to my gourd pots, very natural and earthy looking, with lots of texture!
I found a girl on Flickr called tiny toadstool who makes amazing little berets...and I was very inspired by their organic shapes and quirkiness.
I'm not quite sure how to start with them, but I'm positive I'll have fun experimenting!
I had some lovely news yesterday, as my friend and neighbour bought one of my clay birds from Browns gallery, where I have an exhibition.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it, sitting proudly on her window sill!

Thursday, 17 July 2008


I've been doing more drawings, just coz I feel like it....
It's nice to be able to sit and draw what ever comes ...
without really thinking too much about it...
usually when the kids are sleeping and it's quiet.
tell me what you think about them....

Saturday, 12 July 2008


my tribe have been driving me batty today...I thought I'd take them into town to do a bit of shopping...went in on the bus... as us commoners do.....and went round most of the charity shops (which I have to go into.. even though my eldest, who is almost 10 moans at me and tells me 'these shops are for old people!!...and I do try and educate her that these shops are better than the BIG shops, full of mass produced rubbish that little children sit for hours and days making for pennies!).....although sometimes, but rarely do I buy 'new' clothes from places like Primark and TKMaxx.!!
naughty me!
I have always told myself that I should buy second hand clothes, fair trade clothes, and handmade clothes....and I strongly believe in recycling as much as possible!
I love to make clothes and bags out of old clothes and's such a great feeling knowing that I've made something new out of something old....and I just wish people would stop throwing clothes away just because they've gone out of just potty!!!!
Be individual....not a fashion victim.....make your own clothes....customize your old makes sense...doesn't it?

Anyway~~~ to get back to my tribe...I lost one today,(he's only little dragon!) but I knew that I'd find him....somewhere. I didn't's strange but I was so much calmer than I thought I'd be, we found him playing with some lego in the toy shop. He'd managed to find his way there by himself and was quite oblivious to the worry he had caused ....
I'm quite positive that I had someone guiding me to where he was, because he could have been anywhere!

I've been doing a few sketches in my very small book....
in the hope of developing them into collage paintings.
They have a slight tribal feel to them....which I like...
although they might seem a bit odd to some!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


for some unknown reason my post got I'm going to just add photos and not put in links, as I think this may have been my problem!?
some photos of my ceramics!~

Friday, 4 July 2008


I'm going to give this blogging another go.....
as I feel a bit left out ...seeing lots of my friends doing it.
I'm not going to put loads of personal stuff in here, or try and add loads of photos, as I want my blog to be clutter free and my garden I want it to be easy to look after and not need much work done to it.....(a bit wild and overgrown then!)

I have been very busy making clay birdies for a craft fair I'm doing in August, and more to put in my Etsy shop and a few local shops here.
I'm making some butterflies, flowers and long fish shapes.
It's all very exciting....

I'm making around 100!!!
It's not mass production..honest!
They're all hand cut, stamped, smoothed and fired, then all individually painted....

Making a printing stamp from pizza packaging.

I sometimes buy pre-made pizzas. I think they are pretty awful and have no taste, but if the family are hungry and I'm feeling lazy...t...