Saturday, 25 October 2008

Time out

Everyone needs time to think and look beyond...
I need to do lots of thinking.
I've not gone away.....
I'll be back soon~

Monday, 6 October 2008

paint and leaves

The other day I got out my paints again....and did a few quick paintings...
they are small, simple abstracts.

I'm trying to get back to being more minimal with my work.
At times I find I can put too much into one thing, overloading a canvas or adding too much detail to a skirt, etc.
We were out walking the other day, and we collected pine needles, conkers and leaves.
I love the colours at this time of year, the leaves are slowly turning orange.
Years ago when I had more time on my hands and when I was a wondering art student I used to go for long walks to find fallen plant and tree seed pods, leaves and twigs.
I used them in my work and I made some bracelets.

They're not very wearable, but I love the simplicity of them.
I've been thinking of somehow re-creating them with clay or fabrics, or making larger scale sculptural pieces with the same feel as the woven, stitched leaves.

Making a printing stamp from pizza packaging.

I sometimes buy pre-made pizzas. I think they are pretty awful and have no taste, but if the family are hungry and I'm feeling lazy...t...