Monday, 6 October 2008

paint and leaves

The other day I got out my paints again....and did a few quick paintings...
they are small, simple abstracts.

I'm trying to get back to being more minimal with my work.
At times I find I can put too much into one thing, overloading a canvas or adding too much detail to a skirt, etc.
We were out walking the other day, and we collected pine needles, conkers and leaves.
I love the colours at this time of year, the leaves are slowly turning orange.
Years ago when I had more time on my hands and when I was a wondering art student I used to go for long walks to find fallen plant and tree seed pods, leaves and twigs.
I used them in my work and I made some bracelets.

They're not very wearable, but I love the simplicity of them.
I've been thinking of somehow re-creating them with clay or fabrics, or making larger scale sculptural pieces with the same feel as the woven, stitched leaves.


  1. How beautiful. They remind me of that 'House of Elwand'(?) book. Do yu know the one I mean? Little fairy dresses made form flowers.

  2. I just love the quiet simplicity of these paintings. Painting is always a good exercise in restraint. :)

    I have tagged you! If you would like to play along visit my blog for the rules. If you don't feel like that is just fine too! :)

  3. Heidi, these bracelets are terrific! It would be great if they were wearable, how long would they last if you wore them daily? have you tried?

  4. Hi, I have tagged you, please, check my blog!

  5. jackie~~~ yes I know the book...I love things made from nature!

    Thanx Nancy....♥

    Monika~~ I don't think they'd last long if you wore them....I've had these in a box for ...about 10 yrs and they're still in good shape!

  6. There is so much that inspires me in this blog and especially in this post. The bracelets are wonderful and I love your little abstracts. I've tried to become more minimal in my work but I just keep on adding details. I've now accepted that it's just the way I am. Lots of little fiddly details.

  7. Robyn~ thank you so much!
    I know what you mean about fiddly detail....but attention to detail is so important, and you have such a great way of puting detail in your work...I love it!
    I suppose it's finding a balance, as with everything in life!

  8. Love your abstracts Heidi. They are really beautiful. Worthy of a posh gallery I'd say! Thanks for going to tag me :)

  9. inspiring & beautiful bracelets, even if not wearable they are lovely just to have!


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