Monday, 5 February 2018

 My sewing machine has been going full steam ahead for the past couple of weeks, and I've been furiously trying to use up all the fabric I have (and it's a lot!)
I may have wandered into many a charity shop recently, but I've not bought much from them to use for my creations.
I'm quite proud actually!
 Anyway, here are a few pieces I've made.
Most of them will be going in my ETSY shop.
I hope you like them.

After a lot of messing around with Google and all its fiddly log in things I have finally gained entry into my blog again.
Hooray!! It's only been four years!
All I have to do now is get into Flickr again so that I can update my fabulous new photos.
Well, I won't bore you (if there's anyone still listening) with what I've been doing in the past few years.. I've not been sleeping, honest.
You can catch up on my Facebook page or my favourite place at the moment..
My Instagram account.
I'm still selling on Etsy too.
I promise I'll be back....Maybe very I have some photos to show you.

Friday, 30 May 2014

New work

I would like to share with you some images of the work I have been producing recently~~
which is quite a lot since I was last in here~

A dress for a fashion show in June....

A jacket that I sold last year......

A custom made dress.......

A cute jacket......

A new  Faerie dress......

A Summer top.......

A goth-steampunk-fairy waistcoat...... (sold).......

A denim skirt (sold)........

Some green faerie brides maid dresses I made this year.........

A new dress..............

Denim mini skirt............ (sold)...............

Wool poncho..................

Vintage, poncho top... (sold).............

I have a new Etsy shop too........
Where you'll be able to find and buy some of these and more~

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Photo shoot September 2013

I was very lucky to have a professional photographer Justyna come to my home in September with some lovely ladies who took time out to model for me.
It's the first time I've ever had my clothing worn by anyone other than myself and my not so flattering tailors dummies, so you can imagine how excited I was for this opportunity!
The results blew me away and here are a few to show you...

You can see more on Justyna's website~

and on my facebook page~

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Crochet neck pieces~

I made these necklaces and chokers using strips of t-shirt fabric, with added buttons, lace and other vintage and found objects.

Monday, 3 December 2012


I'm back ...... not because I've not been doing anything....
I've been very busy and all who know me now follow me on my facebook page~

Things have been growing for me...creatively and in my personal life. Change is always good and I am ever changing. :)

I was honoured to show some of my work in a fashion show at the weekend in a vintage shop that has just opened in Inverness called The Village.

Here are some of the photos~
more to come soon....
and maybe the chance of having a professional photoshoot!!!!!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Wedding dresses

I have had the pleasure of making some unique wedding dresses for some lovely ladies recently.
Thanks to my facebook page and word of mouth I was contacted and asked if I could create something that combined the ideas and dreams of my clients and my individual, quirky style.
Each dress was a challenge and although I found it quite stressful at times, I loved making my very first corset style bodice, ordering special tartan cloth (even if it took me ages to make the first cut),
finding beautiful pieces of vintage lace and linens that would go with each dress, gathering up different fabrics and piecing them together...adding details and seeing the finished garments.
The best part had to be seeing the photos of the weddings themselves and knowing that everything was perfect.


Mairi's 'Skye tartan' dress...
corset bodice and long skirt with vintage linens.

A beautiful Highland wedding in a woodland chapel.


Laurie's wedding dress, inspired by Avril Lavigne's 'Alice' dress.
black and white vintage fabrics with bustle.

Winter wedding... x

Black and white sleeves with button detail.

Chelsey's bridesmaid dress made from vintage cotton, linen and lace.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

bridesmaids dresses

I have had the chance to create some very different dresses for a friend who is getting married at the weekend.
She asked me to make some of my raggy faerie dresses that I've started making from vintage linens, tablecloths, doilies, delicate frayed cottons, and other raggedy fabrics.
I've not done many custom orders, but I feel like this is the first of many..

Monday, 27 December 2010


Nearly a year has gone by since I blogged last!?
I'm not going to go into great detail about what I've been doing or what I've been going through because it's just too much, so instead I'll show you a few photos .
Hope you like

 My sewing machine has been going full steam ahead for the past couple of weeks, and I've been furiously trying to use up all the fabr...