Monday, 3 December 2012


I'm back ...... not because I've not been doing anything....
I've been very busy and all who know me now follow me on my facebook page~

Things have been growing for me...creatively and in my personal life. Change is always good and I am ever changing. :)

I was honoured to show some of my work in a fashion show at the weekend in a vintage shop that has just opened in Inverness called The Village.

Here are some of the photos~
more to come soon....
and maybe the chance of having a professional photoshoot!!!!!


  1. That fashion show looks like a lot of fun! The dress in the third photo down is definitely on trend for the emerald spring fashion of 2013.

    The dress would go really well with one of these greenstone necklace designs. What kind of jewellery do you make?


  2. Hi Ryan ~ thank you... it was fun!
    I make jewellery from stoneware clay and found objects..



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