Monday, 15 September 2008

fabric and mind destash

After being at a stand still for about a week, and looking at what I have around me...regarding materials and supplies, I've begun a clear out of fabric.
Some of it I'm giving to the recycling bin, the rest I'm making scarves!
It's just been sitting for too long, and even though I've always had the intention to use it one day, I've realized that I can't hold onto it ALL!
I love patchwork, and with added details like embroidery, buttons, shells, beads and sequins I've been having fun making some long scarves.

I've also cleared out a load of beads and bits I don't want (going on ebay or etsy sometime soon).
It's true that clearing clutter clears your head too.

At times I'd love to get rid of everything and live in a tipi.
We do have one, that we bought a few yrs ago have but never put it up!
Maybe it's time to...something tells me!

I recently found a beautiful place in Wales that does a four day retreat for women, to heal and recharge energy..
'Barefoot healing Tipi retreat with Corinna Michelle'.
With all the demands of work, motherhood, and generally keeping things together puts burden on our energies!
Sometimes we have to find the time to be in tune with our own selves.
Check out this website if you're interested in reiki,rituals, retreats and gatherings

I'd love to go!

I've often thought about doing a Reiki course, mostly to use for myself, family and friends....
and having a clear mind has made it stronger in me, and that I have to follow my heart..

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  1. Hi, thank you so much for the lovely words you left on my blog, it was good to come back to that, as i sometimes wonder if i am going about all this in the right way. thank you. It lifted my spirits! The idea of a womans retreat sounds so perfect! as does living in a tipi - less room to hoard stuff. I am going to go check out the link. love what you have done with the scarves :-) Do you mind if i add you as a fave. bye for now * ruthie


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