Friday, 12 September 2008


Even though I've been in an unmotivated wandering mood recently I've managed to make some small pieces, fun things that I felt needed to get out into the world.
I've sold a few of them already (all to the same person) and as they were just a kind of experiment (like a lot of my work) I was surprised that they went so quick!
They are quite large for brooches...I'd call them corsages maybe..
and I used these lovely fabric moon and sun faces I bought .
I've hunted around for more, but can't seem to find any fabric the same!
I'll perhaps paint some myself.
I've had an idea for a while to make clay faces for bags, brooches, etc, so I'll get around to doing that soon too.

they actually relate to some of my paintings too, and I'm starting to realize that most of my work does link together.
I was talking to a friend the other day about how we see our own work and how others might perceive it completely differently, maybe in a way we don't see ourselves.
I know I feel unfocused and lacking in direction at times, but other people tell me they see the opposite!
Is it the perfectionist in me?
I do like to be 80-100% positive and confident in what I produce, and if there's any doubt in my mind, I'll think it's rubbish!
I would LOVE to be able to focus on one thing, whether it be clay or fabric constructions and develop from there, but my mind is constantly churning out these ideas and so I hop from one thing to another, maybe only making one or two of something and then moving onto the next creation!
But one thing I know is that I LOVE faces!



  2. Lovely serene faces. I love the paintings and the red tartan brooch is very appealing. It must be my Scottish ancestry. (I'm a Gordon...but born in South Africa)

  3. thank you fotoface!!!

    robyn~ thank you too....I'm glad you like my faces.
    Gordon is a good name to have!!

  4. Love these Brooches/corsages ... it looks to me that you would paint beautiful faces for your brooches - painting on material is quite easy - I've done it with just my acrylic paints no worries - sadly I can't paint beautiful faces ...
    Higland Fairy you have a beautiful blog too...
    OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania

  5. Thanx bethel of bethania! ♥♥♥


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