Friday, 18 July 2008


I've always had a fascination for faces and how each one is so different.
I am drawn to people's eyes and mouths...
Drawing them, whether from life or from my imagination makes me realize how wonderful us humans are!
I love the shadows, the lines and the shapes in faces, and expressions...
how our faces change in every moment.

I also love hats, although I don't wear many myself...
I've made a few in my time, but recently I had an idea of making some similar to my gourd pots, very natural and earthy looking, with lots of texture!
I found a girl on Flickr called tiny toadstool who makes amazing little berets...and I was very inspired by their organic shapes and quirkiness.
I'm not quite sure how to start with them, but I'm positive I'll have fun experimenting!
I had some lovely news yesterday, as my friend and neighbour bought one of my clay birds from Browns gallery, where I have an exhibition.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it, sitting proudly on her window sill!

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