Wednesday, 13 August 2008

new necklaces

I've finally finished some of my clay bird necklaces, and my new butterflies, flowers and feathery ear-rings...
I'm going to send most of them away to my local outlets,and maybe find some new places to put them.
Some I've put in my Etsy shop.

colours are more natural this time, instead of the brighter greens and blues, pinks, etc....
They seem to have a softness to them too.


  1. I just love your necklaces! They have such a sweet yet earthy feel to them. :)

  2. I think your necklaces are delightful and I love the colours you've used.
    The designs are intriguing and have a sort of ancient look about them. Such lovely things.

  3. Thank you!!!
    I'm so pleased they are earthy and ancient looking....

  4. The neclaces are beautiful, as always! - and I have enjoyed reading all your posts too! I was delighted to discover your"new" blog!!! Looking forward to read more - and see you again! ox

  5. What lovely pieces - my sis would love them - I can just hear Clannad in the background....


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