Friday, 22 August 2008


I've been making some fabric cuffs (from reclaimed,recycled material) the past week and as usual I seem to have a short spurt of enthusiasm to make a certain thing, then in a couple of weeks or sometimes sooner I move onto something else....
I've always been like this, one day I love clay ...the next I'm fed up of it....then I'm sewing a skirt...then threading up a necklace!
I'm so scatty and unfocused at times!
But I've come to realize that this is how I work, and I'm letting my intuition lead me!
If I feel comfortable making something I'm happy, but if I feel uninspired or there's no heart going into my creation I'll stop and leave it be.
Sometimes I just need to get things out of my an idea that's been jumping around in my head for days begging to get out.....
once it's been realized.. I'm at peace!
or my brain is at least!!!

There are more photos in my Flickr
and soon to be in my Etsy shop.


  1. I totally know what you mean, sometimes you just have to get something out of you're system!
    Thank goodness you do because you're things are so beautiful, they need to be out there!

  2. This is exactly how I feel, Heidi, jumping from one thing to another... and I have too accepted it. My main motto is to make and do what makes me happy...
    The cuffs are very original!

  3. I just stopped by to meet the Highland Fairy who visited my blog. I see she is a very beautiful and talented sprite!

    Interesting synchronicity... some 25 years ago, I had an idea to start a business making what I called - "Cuffs"! I was a marketer, not an artist at that time, but never really followed through with the idea. Your Cuffs are especially fanciful and charming - surely you could launch a new trend with them, if you wanted, eh?


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