Thursday, 4 February 2010

winter creations

It's been a cold winter, with lots of snow and I've spent a lot of time indoors trying to keep warm.
Making the most of it I read lots, crocheted, stitched, painted and chopped wood!

Just before the snow arrived I gathered lots of sycamore and chestnut leaf stems to weave together with some lovely brown yarn....

I made some sock creatures out of old socks

Started on some new clay fairy bottles

Crocheted lots of pixie bags

Painted a goddess

Made some funky button necklaces

And did some sewing.......


  1. what a delightful winter you've been having!! I think the pixie bags are my favorite, but your weaving with the leaf stems is beautiful too.

  2. Gracious, you have been busy! What wonderful things you are making. Please do come over anytime you like. Had a delivery guy asking me where you rhouse was last night - I hope he found it, as I wasn't 100% sure! But at least the right direction! Love those fairy bottles, so much detail.

  3. just found you...funny ideas, I´ll come back! sunshine ;-)

  4. Heidi, you are truly an inspiration with all your creativity. thos pixie bags are the cutest. Hope you are still keeping warm, cant wait for some warming sunshine.

  5. Hi Heidi

    sorry i missed you when you called round

    Mel says you are after a vehicle

    my email is
    drop me a line and we can talk more about it

    ps by the way i love your blog and your wonderful work here

  6. HOLA!!! me encanto tu blog!! sos muy creativa y original! felicitaciones!!!
    saludos desde cordoba argentina

  7. Hey Heidi, nice of you to join me at the forge, i love your work , talent in so many media ,I especially like the fairy bottles, look forward to your future postings :-)


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