Thursday, 12 February 2009

birds and driftwood

I found an old piece I painted on years ago and thought I'd try some more....
I love painting on wood and the gold paint looks really nice...I think.
One thing I always like to find on a beach is old pieces of wood from crates and furniture that have been worn by the sea, making the wood smooth and rounded on the edges.
The holes and rusty nails add to the character and I enjoy painting around them or along the grains and knots.
And as always...I've used my usual colours!

I painted on some stones too.


  1. What a good use of driftwood. Its always so appealing on the beach and I never know what to do with it.
    One day I'll blogabout my driftwood story.

  2. Just found your blog and Caroline's today - they are beautiful! I love all your birds, they remind me of icons, with all the gold. It was such nice surprise. I've tagged you on my own blog! Hilary

  3. Hi.. you've been busy...Love the colours and designs on your driftwood x

  4. Hi again..You've been busy....Love the colours and design on driftwood x

  5. Those are so beautiful. I love the birds the most but they are all stunning. You are a most talented lady!

  6. You know, the paintings look like Native American things. Especially the Navtive Am. in the North West! I love the natural/manmade thing going on here too...

  7. Very lovely! Your birds are beautiful.

  8. WOW.....thank you for the lovely comments everyone!
    It's always really nice to hear what other people can see in my work!
    Heidi xxxxx

  9. I also love the weathered worn bits of crate on the beach. Your birds are lovely. They remind me of ancient manuscript paintings.

  10. What beautiful artwork! My son loves to paint rocks... I will have to move him onto driftwood :-)


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