Sunday, 1 March 2009

Inspired about recycling....

Yesterday I met up with a man who runs the Greenhouse Charity shop in Dingwall.
Dave Lynch is part of the Dingwall and District Environment group and set up the shop a few months ago to raise funds for the group, it's environmental projects and other worthy causes in the area.
It's a lovely shop and well worth visiting...I could've stayed and rummaged for hours!

He is keen to make people aware of the possibilities of recycling clothes and re-using materials that would end up in landfill.
I've been making garments and accessories from recycled materials for a while now, and it's really nice to find others in my area who are as enthusiastic and inspired as I am!
I am very excited about what could happen now that I've connected with Dave and the group!
I'm also keen to get more involved with my local environmental groups and projects.
I also came across the local Friends of the Earth group in Inverness, that I'll hopefully get along to sometime soon.


  1. Thanks for the posting about th shop. My no 1 favourite charity shop is Bookmark, the Blytheswood bookshop in Inverness. The treasures we've found there! Brilliant children's stuff, even in French and Gaelic, as well as videos and music etc. It's so satisfying coming away with a bagful for less than a tenner! Hvae a good week H x

  2. Ah nothing like a good rummage. I've really got into reusing plastic bags ~ and fused plastic. I'm never too sure about calling them 'eco' seeing you've a heap of energy using the iron. But a new material to work with that doesn't require new materials is always good with me!

  3. Hi, just thought I would add a comment as I am the man who runs the shop...I live in Dingwall and started the shop as a way of recycling - reusing and to create work and help grow community, it is doing all these in its first three months so we are happy
    The shop is not a registered charity and is not bound or ruled by any organisation, no funding or grants were given to start it, so we are free to be whatever the shop wants to be.
    We are about to form as a workers cooperative, ruled by consensus among the workers and there is no hierachy or top down management.
    We have space to display local crafts and we sell crafts and charge a whopping 0% commission on items sold (beat that big global corporations).
    We have lots of free days and give loads of stuff away all the time and we still make enough to pay rent etc.
    We have just had a massive wool sale and we are about to get a full wool and haberdashery shop as a donation (I am drowning in Mohair and Alpaca wool!!!)
    So thats a quick history, if you check me out you will see my blog (which I never use anymore) GardenofRenown which was once a huge part of my life as I transitioned through a period of enlightenment, my own personal reformation, there is serious stuff, funny stuff, crazy stuff, angry stuff but its all stuff that came out of a journey, a journey that is still moving...:)x

  4. Jude....I have the same thoughts about fusing plastic bags together with an iron...I wonder about the fumes that come off too..

  5. Dave.....thanks for adding your've said a lot that I didn't know..and hopefully it will be read by many....
    and I'll be over to have a look at all that fabric and stuff!!!
    H x

  6. I know! haha. You're welcome. :D

    That sounds like a great place. I wish our town had things like that.

  7. Heidi,
    You've got excellent ideas happening "over there". Makes me feel that there's hope for the future, when I see what's going on to reuse and conserve.
    The fused plastic bag idea sounds intriguing, but, as you and Jude said, the energy required may cancel out the benefit, and I'd worry about the fumes. Maybe it's one of those ideas that qualifies as "Penny wise and pound foolish".
    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for doing what you do.


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