Friday, 21 November 2008


With Winter approaching, and a change in the air, I've been doing a lot of shifting inside and out!
I've been de-cluttering for a while now, but a lot of it has been at a slow pace, up until the past week or two!
Situations, and problems have all come to the surface, and each day comes a new breath of air, a fresh breeze to carry away some more heavy loads!
My work space is being cleared out, making room for me to focus on what's important.
My life has taken a turn around a corner and a light has been switched on.
Lessons are being learned and eyes are opening wider than before.
Time is precious, and what lies deep within me is coming out....reaching, stretching .


  1. I'm such a nosey parker that I bothered to find out what this said. It sounds as though you had a breakthrough. I love the picture.
    I tried to comment in webdings but it wouldn't play!

  2. Hi there I was just looking through blogs and I found yours interesting ! :)

    I have an art blog here in San Diego and would like it if you became friendly here with us.

    So take care and hope to see you soon... :)

  3. I was nosy too :) Really pleased to feel the positivity in your post, glad things are becoming better. Love the use of webdings, it seems appropriate somehow but I'm not sure exactly why.

  4. Jackie~~Don't be silly ...if I didn't want peeps to read this, I'd keep it private!
    I'm trying to be more expressive with my feelings......

    It's a gorgeous photo isn't it!

    Jesse~ I'll pop over and see your blog sometime.

    iolithie~~~ nosy mouse!!!
    don't know what webdings are...?
    I've bookmarked your blog to add to my faves btw!

  5. Seems like you have had a big shift in your life & I'm pleased to see that you are so positive & took the time for all this to evolve ... keep positive ... OOroo ... Bethel


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