Wednesday, 26 November 2008

cold and dull

I was going to take loads of photos today and list things in my etsy shop...and on ebay, but because it was so dull, windy and cold , there was just no light to take good photos!
It just meant that I spent a bit too much time in front of my computer instead!
I tell myself that it's restful......and I've been told to take it easy and rest.......
although I do know that computers can drain your energy!!!
Oh well~~~~

here's a photo of something I'm working on at the moment......


  1. ohhhh. That is beautiful.
    The textures are amazing.

  2. OOo what a lovely birdy!
    And do as you are told missy and rest!

  3. Thanx Joni!
    and Caroline....I will...♥

  4. This is really beautiful. It has a sort of quality of lace. I think I need to go and find the clay and start imprinting things!


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