Thursday, 27 November 2008

etsy shop banner

I spent ages on this, trying to merge a few photos together with some text....
I'm pretty pleased, as it's my first attempt!
It's bright and eye catching....don't you think?

Next thing to do is sort some of my dark and blurry photos, take more photos and add more items....
I have so much stuff that 'needs' to go.....hopefully I'll sell them in my shop for xmas!?


  1. Good job! These things take ages don't they? You and I both have the problem of working in different mediums and styles so it's hard to produce a banner that shows off all that we do. I think this one is good though because it shows your love of vibrant colour and earthy influences as well. Aileen : )

  2. Thats very clever. It took me ages to do a very ordinary one! Good luck with the sales

  3. thanx everyone...I'm glad you like it!xxx


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